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12 or 24 Volt  system


A Rider’s Best Friend”


The Solo Motorcycle Starter is a low profile, part assembled, single person starting system and is engineered and manufactured in the UK to the highest standard.


It is designed for years of reliable service.


Solo takes the labour out of starting your motorcycle. The rider can start the bike without assistance. It is easy to set up and use and allows the restorer/rebuilder the ability to pre-run the engine before starting.

      Rugged, compact, simple


      Modular design allows user to easily add extras

      No clutches or brakes in the system


      Can easily be powered by car/van’s 12 volt or 24 volt system

      Rugged electrostatic finish resists oil, fuels and rubber scuffing


      Easy to set up and use, virtually no maintenance required


      Coned rollers for wheel tracking


      Totally eliminates push start safety issues


      Rider can start the bike without additional assistance


      Provides tuner/rider a means of checking the bike out during pre-race preparations.


      Battery not included


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Extras available:-


Battery Tray

Can be fitted to the starter to accommodate the battery and will swing to an upright position to keep the battery stable when wheeling the starter around.


Folding Transporter

The starter is attached to the transporter for easy maneuverability around the garage, workshop or race paddock. The transporter has larger wheels to make moving around easier and when not in use, the starter folds up vertically into the transporter for easier storage. Comes complete with the battery tray.

Paddock Transporter

Sturdy design with a larger handle for easy maneuverability around the race paddock. Comes complete with the battery tray.



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